Canadian Catchers

Catcher DOB BirthCity Province
Jay Justin "Nig" Clarke 12/15/1882 Amherstburg Ontario
Thomas Daniel "Tom" Daly 12/12/1891 St. John New Brunswick
Joseph Michael "Joe" Erautt 9/1/1921 Vibank Saskatchewan
Alexander "Alex" Gardner 4/28/1861 Toronto Ontario
Geroge C. "George" Gibson 7/22/1880 London Ontario
John Henry "John" Humphries 11/12/1861 North Gower Ontario
William Robert "Bill" Hunter 0/0/1855 St. Thomas Ontario
Arthur Albert "Arthur" Irwin 2/14/1858 Toronto Ontario
Pierre-Luc "Pete" LaForest 1/17/1978 Hull Quebec
Frederick Lovett "Fred" Lake 10/16/1866 Nova Scotia Nova Scotia
James Ross "Jim" Lawrence 2/12/1939 Hamilton Ontario
Eric Hugh "Eric" Mackenzie 8/29/1932 Glendon Alberta
Russell "Russell" Martin 2/15/1983 East York Ontario
Arthur John "Art" McGovern 2/27/1882 St. John New Brunswick
Cody Dean "Cody" McKay 1/11/1974 Vancouver British Columbia
James "Jim" McKeever 4/19/1861 St. John New Brunswick
John Bannerman "Larry" McLean 7/18/1881 Fredericton New Brunswick
Gregory Joseph "Greg" O'Halloran 5/21/1968 Toronto Ontario
Frank Walter "Frank" Owens 1/26/1886 Toronto Ontario
Henry Havelock "Henry" Oxley 1/4/1858 Covehead Prince Edward Island
William B. "Bill" Phillips 0/0/1857 St. John New Brunswick
Joseph Todd "Joe" Siddall 10/25/1967 Windsor Ontario
Frank L. "Frank" Smith 11/24/1857 Fonthill Ontario
Charles Marvin "Pop" Smith 10/12/1856 Digby Nova Scotia
Andrew David "Andy" Stewart 12/5/1970 Oshawa Ontario
Onesime Eugene "Gene" Vadeboncoeur 7/15/1858 Louiseville Quebec
Harry Porter "Rube" Vickers 5/17/1878 St. Marys Ontario
Milton P. "Milt" Whitehead 0/0/1862 Toronto Ontario
Edmond Armand "Ed" Wingo 10/8/1895 St. Anne De Bellevue Quebec
Fred S. "Fred" Wood 0/0/1863 Hamilton Ontario

  • Larry McLean is the tallest catcher ever at 6"5" in height. He was shot dead at age 39 by a Boston saloon keeper in a drunken brawl.
  • George Gibson was elected to the Canadian Baseball Hall Of Fame, the ONLY Canadian-born catcher so honored.
  • 3 of the catchers played in a World Series: Arthur Irwin (1884), George Gibson (1909), and Larry McLean (1913), the first two on the winning teams.
  • Russell Martin (LAN) is the only one to have played in a League Division Series (2006).

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